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Q & A

When will my ordered products be delivered?
As soon as possible. The top center displays your username, the current departure date for placed orders and the active page title. Delivery is as always subject to transport conditions corresponding to our regular service on any other method of ordering.
How do I find [article X] in stock?
You can search by part of the article description directly from the start page (please enter 3 or more characters) or browse our stock by category.
Can I cancel an order placed within this app?
To cancel an order go to 'Your recent purchases'. The order must be cancelled within a certain time frame. To modify or cancel an already placed order that cannot be canceled please contact us by mail or phone [use links above].
Do I have to log on every time?
This app can remember your username and password. Please check the 'remember me' checkbox between the password and the 'log in' button and you will stay logged on 'till you log off..
Where can I change the language of this app?
You can select the display language by tapping the flag in the bottom right corner.
How do I place an order a week in advance?
You can select a departure date on the main screen.